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Тема0000446: Speed of vehicles on roads on takistan map
ОписаниеYou are able to drive faster off road than on roads that are marked with light brown color on Takistan map. If you're driving HMMWV, you can achieve the speed of ~68km/h, but if you drive off road you can go ~75km/h. I've tested it with variety of vehicles, such as HMMWVs, UAZs, MRAPs, TRUCKs. All of them are 5-10km/h faster off road than on road. It seems that just some variable of the road itself/terrain that affects the efficiency of wheeled vehicles is set too high/low. I've also tested this on Takistan mountains and the same is happening there.
I've attached two pictures that show how the roads look on map and in 3D.
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2019-07-28 13:09


road.PNG (1,618,682 байт)
road2.PNG (527,725 байт)


2019-07-28 18:41

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known cup problem


2020-01-08 19:08

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CUP announced to fix this bug in Takistan 2.0 release.

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